At Bates, we believe that nothing we do is more important than the safety of our employees and project team members.

This commitment to safety begins with our President and Management Team and permeates through each rank of the company.

Our safety program is tailored to meet and exceed both OSHA and USACE requirements. The backbone of our program is a comprehensive safety manual that has been developed internally to address all hazards faced on the type of projects we construct.  

We police our safety efforts through daily, weekly, and monthly work site inspections by both field and office management.  Our entire management team meets quarterly to discuss safety policies and share lessons learned across all projects.

To help us maintain our high standards, we routinely open our project sites to third party safety inspectors via our various insurers and affiliations. We believe that performing the job safely is a responsibility of each and every employee. As such, we offer numerous training courses and safety instructional hours to our employees at no cost.

Thanks to the safety commitment from our many valued employees, Bates has enjoyed an experience modifier rate(EMR) well below the national average. Bates safety efforts rank better than our peers in other metrics such as IRR and DART rates. Please request these from your Bates representative and we will be glad to share.

We are not the only ones that have noticed our commitment to safety. Many of our clients have shared our focus on safety and acknowledged our efforts with numerous safety awards.