Experience: Water / Wastewater

Blakely WWTP

  • Upgrade effluent quality and capacity of Georgia municipal WWTP
  • Maintain all existing treatment processes while performing major plant upgrades

Bates was selected to perform all new work and renovation required to completely upgrade a 1.25 MGD waste water treatment facility.   Project consisted of the addition of a 3rd clarifier, complete upgrade of headworks including new automated bar screen equipment/structure, new automated grit removal, new UV system/structure and new control building with laboratory and offices.  As part of this upgrade, Bates provided complete new SCADA control system and emergency power generator with automatic transfer switch.  The project also consisted of the major renovation of the influent pump station including selective demolition and replacement of three each pumps and accessories, two existing above grade aeration basins, two existing clarifiers (rehab tanks and replace all internal mechanisms), and two existing sludge tanks.  All new and renovation work was performed in phases which allowed the plant to continuously treat incoming flows.  Bates was responsible for providing and coordination several major bypass pumping efforts during the construction.  Bates self-performed all concrete structure demolition, F.R.P. of all new concrete structures, yard and plant piping system, existing tank/equipment rehabilitation and new equipment installation.