Our Experience : Water / Wastewater

Safety Arrows

South Fayette County WTP

  • Greenfield construction of a 6 MGD Water Treatment and Storage Plant
  • Plant encompasses 25 acres of improved area and was constructed to blend in an upscale neighborhood

Bates was awarded the Prime contract for this new 6 MGD water treatment facility located in Georgia.  The project included 25 acres of site improvements including several water storage ponds.  Raw water and finished water pump stations were constructed along with a chemical feed building.  There was extensive underground piping to accommodate water transport from the chemical injection process through a concrete sedimentation basin and a filter system.  The multi-level filter building housed the operational controls for the entire treatment process along with a laboratory, SCADA system and blower room.  A large pipe gallery necessary for filter system water flows, back flows and air insertion also made its home in the building. The finished water was held in a 3.5 million gallon clearwell constructed of cast in- place concrete. High pressure pumps carried the treated potable water from the clearwell through a newly constructed finished water pipe line which tied into county water mains.  Final sedimentation basin sludge flowed to a new circular concrete sludge thickener and sludge drying beds.

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